AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-04-23fixes after rebasemidi-refactorChristian Glöckner
2017-04-23Reduced some code redundancyChristian Glöckner
2017-04-23Initial Refactoring on PowerListChristian Glöckner
2017-04-23Bump version to 0.9.13Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2017-04-23Fix release checklist task order.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2017-04-23Add executables of moved uitests to gitignoreAndré Nusser
2017-04-23Fix dist target.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2017-04-22Introduce needs_preprocessing flag (incl. functionality) to TextEdit.André Nusser
2017-04-22Unregister subclass on parent.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2017-04-22Change text for drumkit status in the status frame.André Nusser
2017-04-22Fix initial size of native window on windows.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2017-04-22Erase all carriage return characters from TextEdit texts.André Nusser
This should fix the "weird newlines" bug.
2017-04-22Fix inverted humanizer frame button.André Nusser
2017-04-22Make status frame content ready for the releaseAndré Nusser
2017-04-22Remove unnecessary painter clears.André Nusser
2017-04-22Fix subclass proc default handler.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2017-04-22Include new information into the status frame.André Nusser
2017-04-22Win32: Only show window initially if is is an embedded window.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2017-04-21Distinguish between widget and window wrt. visible().Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2017-04-21Removed a couple of newlines from the About textLars Muldjord
2017-04-21Remove version number at the bottom and the logo from the about tab.André Nusser
2017-04-21Add AboutTab class instead of having a TextEdit widget as tab.André Nusser
2017-04-21Remove unneeded and possibly incorrect optimisation.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2017-04-21Fix reload logic.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2017-04-21Introduce first content of status frame.André Nusser
This is just an initial version and not the final one.
2017-04-21Fix crash of the plugin due to wrong resource path.André Nusser
2017-04-21Fix clang compile error properly.André Nusser
2017-04-21Disable no-invalid-source-encoding warning in debug mode.André Nusser
2017-04-21Disable clang encoding warnings for utf8 encoding/decoding map.André Nusser
2017-04-21Attempt a fix for the FreeBSD encoding error.André Nusser
2017-04-21Fix Windows build error.André Nusser
2017-04-21Fix code style for utf8.h andé Nusser
2017-04-21Introduce fix to utf8 map to make meka's name work in the GUI.André Nusser
Note: This actually makes the map incorrect but shouldn't have any negative effect on the usage. This whole issue should be fixed by changing DG generally to utf8 encoding.
2017-04-21Add utf8 to latin1 conversion to use it in the "About" textfield.André Nusser
The utf8 conversion files were taken from the Pracro repository and modified to better fit into the DG codebase.
2017-04-21Add minimum memory value to the diskstreaming slider.André Nusser
2017-04-21Change the slider color to grey when "unlimited".André Nusser
Included a new slider texture for that.
2017-04-20Make the gray of the version label lighter.André Nusser
2017-04-20Reduce empty space at the bottom of the drumkit frame.André Nusser
2017-04-20Set "Apply" button to be disabled on first GUI opening.André Nusser
2017-04-20Set text in tabs correctly and fix magic values in button classes.André Nusser
2017-04-20Make spacing of Browse button and Apply button similar.André Nusser
2017-04-20Second adjustment to the logo in the main window.André Nusser
2017-04-20Fix resources on static windows build (Makefile.mingw32) and add note about ↵Bent Bisballe Nyeng
remembering to add file to the mingw32 Makefile when we change the real Makefiles...
2017-04-20Change placement and color of version number.André Nusser
2017-04-20Introduce new "button gray out" texture.André Nusser
2017-04-20Introduce gaps between buttons and content.André Nusser
This was necessary because of the new button texture.
2017-04-20Fix unittest broken by last commit.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2017-04-20Change resource paths to be relative to the plugingui folder instead of the ↵Bent Bisballe Nyeng
resources folder. Make rcgen run atomatically to re-generate if one of the resource files changes.
2017-04-20Fix rcgen code style.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2017-04-20Color the slider bar green for diskstreaming slider if "unlimited".André Nusser