AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-02-11Fix vst binary name.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2016-02-11Use -Wl,--no-undefined on all source files.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2016-02-10Call hug_close in desctructor not run. Prevents threading errors.André Nusser
2016-02-09Fix two valgrind errors and mark three others with a TODO comment.André Nusser
2016-02-09Fix two small bugs.André Nusser
2016-02-09Work in deva's critique. This branch should now be ready for merge.André Nusser
2016-02-09Add a test for the memchecker.André Nusser
2016-02-09Add test data for a memchecker test (introduced next commit).André Nusser
2016-02-09Include the memchecker into the other DG code.André Nusser
2016-02-09Implement memchecker to ensure a drumkit fits into RAM.André Nusser
2016-02-09Remove statement which was commented outAndré Nusser
2016-02-09Further style fixesChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09reformatted last filesChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09Further style changesChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09Fixed style issuesChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09Added docs for enginefactoryChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09Base Midi-Engines on Midi-Engine Base Class (+ Minor Renaming)Christian Glöckner
2016-02-09reformatting fixChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09applied clang-formatChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09Fixed configure.acChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09Updated configure scriptChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09Updated MakefileChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09Removed outdated filesChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09Removed outdated filesChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09Fixed API-problemsChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09added brace-initialization workaround for reference initChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09Fixed initialization orderChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09added JackMidiInputEngine + additional minor changesChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09removed unnecessary header from enginefactory.ccChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09improved engine factory structureChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09workaround outdated compiler versionChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09try to fix weird build errorChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09added missing jackaudio.ccChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09added missing jackaudio headerChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09added JackaudioOutputEngineChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09stdcerr output overhaulChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09fixed header informationChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09added dummy io enginesChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09suppressed segfault at alsa engine dtorChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09Added enable/disable engine via configureChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09fixed size_t printChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09silenced warningChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09Fixed MidifileInputEngineChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09Added missing changesChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09Added missing changesChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09Added AlsaOutputEngineChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09Made midi-in-wav-out work againChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09[incomplete] added MidifileInputEngine and WavfileOutputEngineChristian Glöckner
2016-02-09added c++11 fix for make_uniqueChristian Glöckner
2016-02-08Patch from viccuad: Fix for X11 detection on BSD.Bent Bisballe Nyeng