AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-22Fall back to using glob when wordexp is not available.HEADv0.9.19masterDimitri Karamazov
2020-11-22Update hugin to fix compile warning.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-11-22Update ChangeLogBent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-11-21Bump version number to 0.9.19Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-11-21Update French translation.Olivier Humbert
2020-11-21Update traslations files with the new strings.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-11-15Added TheMarlboroMan to authorsTheMarlboroMan
2020-11-15Implementation of the voice limiting feature.TheMarlboroMan
2020-11-15Store size of main window centralized in mainwindow.h to reduce redundancy.TheMarlboroMan
2020-11-15Make sure tooltips are always shown inside the window.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-11-14Add x_offset to drawable::line to be able to have drawImage render images out...Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-10-26Update to latest uUnit version.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-09-19Add uunit to dist files.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-09-19Remove old un-used test files.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-09-19Make use of uUnit as a submodule (dgunit renamed).Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-08-30Last translations for the AboutTab.Olivier Humbert
2020-08-30Tranlate the AboutTab.Olivier Humbert
2020-08-30Make abouttab read locale specific content if it exists.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-08-30Make tooltips translatable.Olivier Humbert
2020-08-30Add even more _(...) and translations of strings of the UI.Olivier Humbert
2020-08-30Add french translations to strings of the UI.Olivier Humbert
2020-08-30Fix (again) the header file changes no re-generating the .pot file.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-08-30Add even more _(...) to strings of the UI.Olivier Humbert
2020-08-30Also regenerate pot file after changes to headers.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-08-30Add more _(...) to strings of the UI.Olivier Humbert
2020-08-30Add _(...) to most strings of the UI.Olivier Humbert
2020-08-17Make dgvalidator 'missing image' errors slightly more verbose.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-08-11Fix pot re-generation for in-tree builds.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-08-10Make zita-resampler submodule use same protocol as the other submodules.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-08-02Add pedantic option for reporting warnings as error.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-07-29Add embedded gettext support from resource.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-07-25Make rcgen use getoptpp and add strip-path argument.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-07-25Prevent crash if png_error resource is not available when a png load error oc...Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-05-28Get rid of haunting assert in input/jackmidi module.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-05-26Change LV2_Descriptor and LV2UI_Descriptor signatures in function calls.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-05-14Add metadata field validation to dgvalidator.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-05-14Beautify silent build output and make silent build the default - ie. set V=1 ...Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-05-05Updated French translation of dgvalidator and drumgizmo man pages.Olivier Humbert
2020-05-04Update man pages.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-05-04DGValidator: Add clickmap validation.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-05-03DGValidator: Use getoptpp for options parsing and introduce verbosity and no-...Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-05-03Integrate new getoptpp with drumgizmo cli.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-05-02Add default kit/map functionality for config file.André Nusser
2020-05-02Add setting and knob for controlling resampling quality.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-05-02Add new powermap widgget to the plugingui.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-05-02Add new PowerWidget for setting and showing control points of the powermap.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-05-02Add support for 90 dgr. rotated text rendering.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-05-02Save powermap settings with session.André Nusser
2020-05-02Add powermap filter to the input processor and make sure that velocity visual...André Nusser
2020-05-02Add powermap functionality to the engine for mapping input velocities through...André Nusser