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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-05Unblocking run() and fix missing type information in first byte of midi payload.alsamidiVolker Fischer
2021-02-02Add alsamidi iput engine.Volker Fischer
2021-01-03Add dggui namespace to libdggui components.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-12-29Split UI code into application/plugin UI and UI library.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-11-22Fall back to using glob when wordexp is not available.HEADv0.9.19masterDimitri Karamazov
2020-08-17Make dgvalidator 'missing image' errors slightly more verbose.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-08-02Add pedantic option for reporting warnings as error.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-05-28Get rid of haunting assert in input/jackmidi module.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-05-14Add metadata field validation to dgvalidator.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-05-04DGValidator: Add clickmap validation.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-05-03DGValidator: Use getoptpp for options parsing and introduce verbosity and no-...Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-05-03Integrate new getoptpp with drumgizmo cli.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-04-26Fix out-of-tree building.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2019-09-28Add generic logger interface for propagating messages while loading drumkits ...Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2019-07-24Disable the velocity humanizer by default in CLI.André Nusser
2019-07-23Add all velocity humanizer parameters to CLI.André Nusser
2019-07-21Adapt fixed ranges in help and man pages.André Nusser
2019-07-18Add <cstring> include needed on PPC64 FreeBSDGoran Mekić
2019-06-29Improve dgvalidator usage and add man page for it.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2019-06-28Fix inclusion of semaphore.h is hardcoded to glibc non-multiarch - aka rename...Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2019-06-16Add man page description of the new -p/--parameters cli argument.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2019-06-16Make max channnel count controllable through the configure script to make it ...Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2019-06-09Add sample selection parameters to cli.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2019-04-08Move midi note process to one common place in AudioInputEngineMidi::processNo...Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2019-01-27Re-instate instrument v1.0 support.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2018-10-08Move event.h and audiotypes.h into src and get rid of the obsolete include fo...Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2018-08-12Remove obsolete SAXParser class and eXpat dependency.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2018-08-04Add output when drumgizmo is called without arguments.André Nusser
2018-08-01Remove the last references to hardcoded 44k1Hz samplerate.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2018-07-21Syncronize cli and plugin setting ranges for latency humanization.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2018-07-21Add missing headerfiles to EXTRA_DIST.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2018-07-21Add humanized timing controls to the cli.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2018-06-08drumgizmoc: add set/enable master bleed optionJonas Suhr Christensen
2017-12-30Remove extra codefeature/oss-midiGoran Mekić
2017-12-30Calculate instrument properlyGoran Mekić
2017-12-30Hardcode instrument, otherwise play notesGoran Mekić
2017-12-30Get note and velocityGoran Mekić
2017-12-30Open midi device in non-blocking modeGoran Mekić
2017-12-30Enable OSS midi inGoran Mekić
2017-12-30Add OSS MIDI inputGoran Mekić
2017-10-21Fix crash if no input and/or output engine has been set.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2017-05-14Use getoptpp for CLI argument parsingGoran Mekić
2017-05-12Use correct MIDI note ON mask.Hans Petter Selasky
2017-05-11Add --no-resampling CLI optionGoran Mekić
2017-05-11Expand shell globs in input paramsGoran Mekić
2017-05-11Fix CLI kit and midimap loading.André Nusser
2017-05-06Get rid of unused unistd includes. Change the rest of the sleep calls to c++.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2017-05-06Get rid of platform dependent usleep/SleepEx.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2017-05-02Sanatize OSS output codeGoran Mekić
2017-04-30Get OSS buffer sizeGoran Mekić