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2021-01-08Fix directed choke regression error.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-11-15Implementation of the voice limiting feature.TheMarlboroMan
2020-07-29Add embedded gettext support from resource.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-05-02Add default kit/map functionality for config file.André Nusser
2020-05-02Add setting and knob for controlling resampling quality.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-05-02Add powermap filter to the input processor and make sure that velocity visual...André Nusser
2020-05-02Add powermap functionality to the engine for mapping input velocities through...André Nusser
2020-04-12Make sure that drumkit::clear clear all metadata.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-04-12Check if config dir is a directory and not just if something with that name e...Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-04-11Change config file to write in the format: <key> = "<value>".André Nusser
2020-04-10Fix bug of wrongly set filename in configfile.ccAndré Nusser
2020-04-10Changes after discussion about review on IRC.configfile_refactorAndré Nusser
2020-04-10Fix some of the issues raised in the review.André Nusser
2020-04-09Review comments.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-04-08Refactoring configfile.André Nusser
2020-04-04Converting NoteOn with velocity 0 to Choke events.André Nusser
2020-03-15Add missing dist-files.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-02-23Add arg to static_assertBent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-02-23Scratch the pointer returning get and instead add getType.André Nusser
2020-02-23Add two get(event_id) function to EventsDS.André Nusser
2020-02-23Change channel type to channel_t in EventsDS and introduce new assert.André Nusser
2020-02-23Remove unused types.André Nusser
2020-02-23Work in review for EventsDS.André Nusser
2020-02-23Add documentation to memory_heap.hAndré Nusser
2020-02-23Fix style, minor code fixes, and add review comments.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-02-18Modernize audio types.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2020-02-16Introduce EventsDS to handle all the events and enable new features.André Nusser
2020-02-01Improve sample selection parameter defaults.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2019-12-24Split processOnset into multiple helper functions for improved readability.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2019-12-24Fix type-o in choke handling.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2019-11-15Create DEBUG_FLAGS and use that in the Makefiles whenever appropriate, instea...Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2019-11-15Add missing include path to zita-resampler submodule.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2019-11-15Move zita-resampler inside wrapper.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2019-11-13Fix zita-resampler include path.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2019-11-03Fix non-linux compilation errors.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2019-11-03Add zita-resampler to the project as a submodule and remove system dependency.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2019-10-26Add default midimap functionality.André Nusser
2019-10-26Fix variable name typo: resamplig -> resamplingAndré Nusser
2019-10-14Enable normalized samples by default.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2019-10-14Added 'normalized' attribute to sample tag.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2019-10-14Add support for normalized samples in the engine.André Nusser
2019-10-14Fix bug of infinite loop in sample selection when all powers were same.André Nusser
2019-09-29Clear metadata on drumkit load to get rid of dangling metada from a previousl...Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2019-09-28Add generic logger interface for propagating messages while loading drumkits ...Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2019-07-22Fix humanizer bug and simplify stamina filter code.André Nusser
2019-07-22Fix BSD build error.André Nusser
2019-07-22Bugfix for last commit.André Nusser
2019-07-22Small ammend to previous commit.André Nusser
2019-07-22Center velocities as well as disable stddev when disabling humanizer.André Nusser
2019-07-20Again adapt standard settings for sample selection.André Nusser