BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
097_lineedit_fixCleaned codeJonas Suhr Christensen8 years
about-reworkAdded title, which I forgot. This should be the last of the asinine commitsTheMarlboroMan3 years
alsamidiUnblocking run() and fix missing type information in first byte of midi payload.Volker Fischer22 months
cc-note-midimapAdd tests for lookupCCNils Brederlow10 months
configfile_refactorChanges after discussion about review on IRC.André Nusser3 years
coreaudioWIPBent Bisballe Nyeng4 years
corrados_fix_alsamidifix that alsamidi header was included twiceVolker Fischer21 months
developRename event.h to engineevent.h to avoid nameclash with system include files.Bent Bisballe Nyeng5 weeks
distanceAdd CLI parameter for position sample selection.André Nusser10 months
doubletriggerfilterDouble trigger filter.Bent Bisballe Nyeng2 years
edrumulusjack midi input port should not clear the bufferVolker Fischer2 months
event_cleanupMake UI events const refs and celan up redundant use of virtual with override.Bent Bisballe Nyeng10 months
feature/oss-midiRemove extra codeGoran Mekić5 years
int_uiWIP: Further optimize pixel blending. And re-introduce lineBlending in Painte...Bent Bisballe Nyeng3 years
masterBump version to 0.9.20Bent Bisballe Nyeng3 months
metadata_v1Removed all unused variables from classes and also removed a couple of debug ...senator8 years
metadata_v1_fixExtended debug.Jonas Suhr Christensen8 years
midi-refactorfixes after rebaseChristian Glöckner6 years
no_gui_also_with_broken_gui_if_enabledOutcommented assertion that makes jackmidi not work - this is totally the rig...Jonas Suhr Christensen7 years
normalised_scaled_fixImprove power spread in velocity mapping.Bent Bisballe Nyeng20 months
powermap_feature_uiFix crash when making window small.Bent Bisballe Nyeng3 years
rotating_knobsExperimental rotating knob graphics.Bent Bisballe Nyeng3 years
scale_kit_imageWIP: Highlioghts and clicks re-enabled.Bent Bisballe Nyeng3 years
stereoWIP: PoC on stereo map feature.Bent Bisballe Nyeng20 months
studio-on-fixHack-fix for y-offset in Studio One embedded UI.Bent Bisballe Nyeng23 months
the-marlboro-man-experimentalSmall changes to source, added disposable logger, basic functionality, untestedTheMarlboroMan3 years
v0.9.20commit 20a6f8c44a...Bent Bisballe Nyeng3 months
v0.9.19commit 5cc2e000c7...Dimitri Karamazov2 years
v0.9.18.1commit 33f968de5c...Bent Bisballe Nyeng3 years
v0.9.18commit 1310069878...Bent Bisballe Nyeng3 years
v0.9.17commit 41aa578e8e...Bent Bisballe Nyeng3 years
v0.9.16commit fde3d65efe...Bent Bisballe Nyeng4 years
v0.9.15commit 7809dd713f...Bent Bisballe Nyeng4 years
v0.9.14commit b50c35be37...Lars Muldjord6 years
v0.9.13commit 1f3c3e0510...Bent Bisballe Nyeng6 years
v0.9.12commit 60214e68ce...Bent Bisballe Nyeng6 years
v0.9.11commit 8c294df8ab...Bent Bisballe Nyeng6 years
v0.9.10commit efe93864d5...Bent Bisballe Nyeng7 years
v0.9.9commit 8a5cc35bf5...Bent Bisballe Nyeng7 years
v0.9.8.1commit ab79dfc8eb...Lars Bisballe Jensen8 years
v0.9.8commit bca959b5a4...Jonas Suhr Christensen8 years
v0.9.7commit 33f888cd8b...Jonas Suhr Christensen8 years
v0.9.6commit 8b16950989...Bent Bisballe Nyeng8 years
v0.9.5commit 6fa22c8eab...Bent Bisballe Nyeng9 years
v0.9.4commit c4995f3a60...Bent Bisballe Nyeng9 years
v0.9.3commit 8cacd4e097...Bent Bisballe Nyeng10 years
v0.9.2commit 0f981dab5d...Bent Bisballe Nyeng10 years
v0.9.1commit e3a87c3aab...Bent Bisballe Nyeng10 years
maincommit f33aede02a...deva14 years